What My Postpartum Experience Was Really Like


Postpartum was the Worst

Out of everything, morning sickness, sciatic pain, heart burn, labor and birthing a bloody watermelon out of my vagina, this was the worst part for me.

For obvious reasons, our baby was a beast weighing 10 lbs 1 oz and leaving me with a third degree tear. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a perineum tear during childbirth all the way down to the edge of your bum, so not fun.

Dr. Sodhi

Dr. Sodhi did an amazing job stitching me back up. I didn’t feel anything because the epidural was still doing its magic. Even all of the nurses were commenting how pretty my vajayjay looked again (lol), I was thrilled!


A BIG shout out to Dr. Sodhi for taking such good care of us and for her wonderful work. She truly is one-of-a-kind. If you’re in the Tarzana, California area and looking to be a mom, I would highly recommend meeting her!

After the epidural wore off (several hours later), I was able to walk around on my own again. Every muscle in my body was sore from pushing. It honestly was the biggest workout of my entire life. My back was sore, abs, legs and even my arms were sore- it was crazy!

I was walking around the hospital room like one of those old long-neck dinosaurs from ‘The Land Before Time’. I felt so much pain and discomfort laying in my hospital bed. I wouldn’t even sit down, it was just too unbearable for me.

My family felt terrible for me and went out and bought a blow up donut so there was no pressure for me while sitting down. Nick was the biggest sweetheart of all, he would walk every night to the closest shop and bring back chocolates and ice cream to cheer me up.

Day THREE Postpartum

Chase and I were discharged and the doctor prescribed lots of rest, no lifting anything over 10 lbs and only going up our house stairs once a day. I’m not one for chilling on the couch and we just had a new baby so I was eager to jump into mama hood. I wasn’t always mindful that I had to be careful of not over-doing it… and boy did I ever.


Day EIGHT Postpartum

It felt super strange “down there”, uncomfortable and slightly bleeding again. I didn’t want to say anything and was just hoping it would go away (like a knob).

Day NINE Postpartum

The pain got worse and when I told my family, my parents took me to see Dr. Sodhi straight away while Nick watched Chase.

What I was thinking this whole time came true. I had opened up my stitches and had to be restitched up yet again. They used a topical spray to numb the area but I felt all five pricks from the needle.

It was very painful, I just starred at the ceiling and did deep yoga breathing, but f*ck did it hurt. After that, I had finally started to take it easy and just chilled on the couch and channeled my inner sloth.


It took two weeks for me to feel somewhat alright again and a full six weeks until I was cleared to workout and do normal activities.

Personally, this was the most difficult part of my pregnancy journey— trying to recover, be a new mom, bond with our baby and attempt to breastfeed all at the same time.

Luckily, I didn’t experience any postpartum depression. I was fortunate to have five family members on standby helping me with everything. It’s hard to imagine being a first-time parent and having no support system to help out.

There’s so many changes happening all at once. you have a little bean to take care of, there’s changes happening with your body, you’re in pain, you’re uncomfortable, and you’re hormonal. If you don’t have a good support system around you, of course you’re going to feel like the world is tumbling down on you!

Preparing to be a Mom

For all you women out there that are considering being moms one day, really look at your situation. Make sure you have a supportive partner and also family members or close friends that can help out when needed, because you’ll need it!

Even if you have a friend that’s a good cook (lol), make room for them in your house. When you have a newborn that’s eating every two hours you sometimes forget to feed yourself.

I remember parents would always tell me that all the time. I thought, are you crazy? Eating is my top priority but once you have a little bambino in the house, everything goes out the window!

Personally, I wasn’t 100% sure what the symptoms of postpartum depression were, so I put a list of them below for reference. I think it’s good for everyone to be aware of this, as someone you know could be suffering from it.

We as women are always focused on everyone around us, it’s just what we do. Sometimes, we forget to be aware of our own emotions/feelings and may miss the warning signs that our body is hinting at us, so please read below:

Postpartum Depression IS…

Depression suffered by a mother following childbirth, typically arising from the combination of hormonal changes, psychological adjustment to motherhood, and fatigue.

Signs of Postpartum Depression

  • Feeling sad, hopeless, or overwhelmed

  • Crying more than usual

  • Frequent feelings of anger or rage

  • Oversleeping or under sleeping

  • Avoiding friends or family

  • Persistently doubting your ability to care for your baby

  • Thinking about harming yourself or baby

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