The Wedding Vendors Responsible for Bringing Our Vision to Life


Linens, Florals, and Cakes, Oh My!

One of the most exciting things about your own wedding is that it’s YOURS to create. Now ladies, I don’t think that I’m the only one with my hand in the air when I ask if anyone out there ever wanted to scream because of all the decisions that come down on you as the bride-to-be (the answer is too f*cking many)!

But once you dive into the planning sea and start to weed out the colors, themes and decor that you love, you can slowly see a vision start to emerge. Once you have that, then it’s time to find the people that will help bring it to life! Read on to find out who our wedding vendors are so far!

La tavola fine linen

When it came to linens, I didn’t think too much about them in the beginning. But when I saw the venue’s standard napkins and linens, I knew that they weren’t really suited to the look we were going for.

Our wedding planner (aka fairy godmother), Charley knew exactly who to contact. She brought me to La Tavola Fine Linen in Beverly Hills, otherwise known as the land of the linens. I instantly gravitated to the blushes, pearls and champagne colors. They were draped all over the place like a magical linen fairy land; it was so pretty!

I fell in love with this vendor and literally spent three hours just hanging out. I didn’t know much about linens but Shea at La Tavola took time to help me select the right patterns and colors to compliment the atmosphere I wanted to create.

I think it’s so important to go to every appointment with some idea of what you’re looking for so you eliminate going through all of the colors, etc. It’s also great to go with an open mind. I never thought I’d be into velvet fabric but I may have some on our wedding tables, you’ll have to just wait and see (hehe).



My initial thought was to save money and not send out paper invitations. Then I started talking to family members and a lot of them really said it would be something nice for all of them to have. Yes, you should always do what you want, it’s your wedding after all. But I think a wedding is also about family and having their say too.

Again, it’s entirely up to the couple whose getting married but we decided to make everyone happy and get the paper ones. Charley our wedding planner of course brought me to the mecca of invitations, Occasion To Celebrate.

I’ll be honest with you, at first I was completely overwhelmed with all of the options, paper styles, fonts, foil borders and much more. But Teresa there was amazing in guiding me and breaking everything down so I didn’t have a legit paper attack!

Occasion To Celebrate Invitation

butterfly Floral Design

I la-la-love flowers! I met with Ivonne from Butterfly Floral Design. I loved this part of the planning process! I went to the appointment with one of my bridesmaids, Kat and my wedding planner Charley came along too. We sat in the back of Ivonne’s office where we had lattes and looked at a bunch of photo albums full of the floral designs that they can create.

Ivonne was so down-to-earth and full of flower knowledge and ideas. I knew that I wanted roses, hydrangeas, spray roses and tulips, but beyond that, I wasn’t sure which flowers would be best for our color pallet of blushes, champagne ,etc. We want to create a classic and romantic vibe and want all of our wedding guests to feel the love and energy throughout the evening.


The butter End

This was obviously my favorite appointment to attend (lol). Charley connected us to the Queen of cake decorating, Kimberly from The Butter End in Los Angeles. Kimberly has an amazing spirit about her, a passion for baked goods, and she’s also a mama, so we really connected right away!

The day of our scheduled appointment, we purposely skipped on lunch so we could be hungry hippos for our cake tasting! Still to this date, it was the best lunch we’ve had in ages. We started with their signature cake, the Chocolate Almond Cherry Cake w/ Cherry Cream Cheese Buttercream, the Blueberry Walnut cake w/ Sweet Lemon Buttercream, and eight other cake samples, oops (lol)!

I still honestly don’t know how we’re going to choose so we may have to have a few tiers with all of our favorite flavors to keep everyone happy. We have less than two months to decide but whatever cake path we choose, we know it will be divine in appearance and scrumptious for our taste buds!


I can’t wait till July 17th, 2019 to become Mrs. Bateman and to see all the amazing vendors bring our wedding to life. I know it’ll be one to remember and I will do my best in continuing to bring you along the way. If you’re in Los Angeles or all the way in India or Brazil, I promise one way or another you’ll be able to see all the wedding magic unfold right here!

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