The Summer Accessories I'm bringing along for my Bachelorette


Packing for my Bachelorette

Packing for a trip can be so much fun as it usually means you’re buying new outfits and accessories for your holiday. There are so many fun new trends on the market at the moment soI’ll be going over a few of the ones I’ve decided to pack in my suitcase for my bachelorette. 

I’m sure you’ve heard me say it before, but I really do think accessories make an outfit. You can take any dull ensemble like a basic halter top and denim jean shorts and turn it into an OUTFIT with the right accessories! Here are just a few of my favorite accessories right now that I’ll be bringing along for my bachelorette trip!

HEADBANDS FOR any occasion

I never thought I’d be able to rock headbands, but I’ve finally forced myself into them since I’ve been growing out my bangs. I totally think I’ve found my new addiction, thanks to ‘Never Fully Dressed’. The satin material they’ve used is so soft and the actual band is so durable. 

This headband is meant to accessorize your every-day outfit, but I even wear this headband to the gym- that's how incredibly durable this thing is… Love it! I just received my green headband in the mail the other day and can’t wait to rock it in Croatia. 


I’ve been such a fan of Ettika for a few years now. They’re such an amazing brand as their pieces are lasting items but they’re also super affordable. They have such a massive variety of pieces that I was able to match all sorts of items to each of my bridesmaids to suit their personalities. You will soon notice on Instagram, that all my special girls and I will be decked out in Ettika jewelry while we take over Europe! 

I absolutely love this year's summer collection! They’ve really focused on freshwater pearls, layered boho necklaces, and resin pieces. Any of their pieces are perfect for a summer holiday, night on the town, or even my European bachelorette!! 



Ella B Jewels are owned by two-boss babe sisters living right here in Los Angeles! The brand is passionate about bringing beautiful pieces to life while telling a story. I love their ‘Follow Your Dreams’, coin necklace as it’s a reminder to me every day to follow mine. I personally think accessories should be fun so I also have their ‘Enamel Star Bracelet’. These generous two have been so kind as to gift 20% off with discount code MARIA20 to all of you.

The brand is all about giving back and donates 10% of all their sales to Women For Women International. @womenforwomen Is an incredible organization doing fabulous work to help women in war-torn marginalized countries to learn skills to become financially independent. 



I think everyone can agree with me that vacation/beach bags are so much fun for your holiday and will add to your Instagram picture of the day! @vacaybeachbag Customizes beautiful handmade Water hyacinth bags which are made by artisans from Thailand.

I loved their work so much I got bags for all my bridesmaids for my bachelorette. These handmade basket beach bags are great for any holiday or even a Sunday afternoon brunch!



These beautiful detailed Moroccan bags from Allawn Bags are so fun and are perfect for a day out while wandering the town. They have unique patterns and colorful wool that will really make you stand-out in a crowd. 



I’m all about personalizing anything, especially a massive beach towel with all my ride-or-die girls on it! Babys Dream World created a customized one that I will be carrying around with me for my bachelorette and I’ll be using it as a poster sign wherever we go. I plan to have the towel with me on my wedding day morning while we all get ready together (hehe).

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about a few of the pieces I’m packing in my bag for my special trip with some of my best friends. I also hope you have fun with your accessories this summer and try some of the fun trends that are on this year's agenda for me. Always have fun with your outfit and don’t be afraid to try new things, it might just win you over and you may become obsessed like I am with headbands now (lol).

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