Our Proposal Story


10 Years in the Making

We flew home back to Burlington, Ontario where Nick and I were both raised. I was under the impression that we were surprising my dad and Nick’s Nana for their birthdays. We had secretly planned for the family to be at a local restaurant. Nick’s mom was the only one that knew we were coming home, at least that’s what I thought!

The big Surprise

Nick’s Nana walked in the restaurant and when she saw us, she instantly started crying happy tears. Then when my parents showed up, they didn’t look that excited to see me, I was completely shocked (normally my parents are more emotional).

After we surprised them all we went back to stay with my parents. Just a few days away was our 10-year anniversary. Although we had obviously talked about marriage, I didn’t suspect that he was planning anything on this trip at all! It pretty much felt like all the other times we’ve come back home.

10 year anniversary

July 17th, 2018 arrived and it was our 10-year anniversary. We woke up, had cereal, and Nick asked me what I wanted to do for the day. I didn’t really care, but said maybe we could go for a nice lunch somewhere together.

He asked if I wanted to go back to the first place we went on a date just for fun to see if it was still there. I thought “OMG he’s gonna do it there”! But then he didn’t shower, and was playing games on his phone, and was in no rush to leave, so that quickly changed my mind.

We got to Easterbrooks Hot Dog stand, ordered two hot dogs, two waters, and a strawberry milkshake that we split. We sat in the same booth where we had our first date and reminisced about the past and how much has happened in the time that we’d been together. It was so sweet! After lunch at Easterbrooks, we drove past the Royal Botanical Gardens where we used to go for hikes.

Royal Botanical Gardens

I pointed it out and Nick was like, "Oh yeah, do you want to go check it out?” I said sure because I was curious to see how much it had changed since we’d last been there! As we walked down the path, there were so many birds and chipmunks around. People often bring nuts and seeds to feed them. We continued passed along a wooden bridge by a ravine and we both were looking out and admiring the beautiful view and feeling the sun on our faces.

All of a sudden, I felt Nick’s hands were on my hips and I heard him bend down behind me. I turned around and he was on one knee. He was teary-eyed, holding a diamond ring that was nestled in a silver bell case. We both started to tear up and as he got up, we hugged and kissed and I said yes! So, technically I guess he never actually asked me to marry him (loll)?

Once we both calmed down, he told me that we had to hurry up because we were going to be late for our engagement dinner! Our WHOLE family was in on the surprise! We met them all at Spencer’s at the Waterfront in Burlington where my parents, Debbie, and Pat greeted us. It was such an incredible day to be celebrating with the family and even Chase was there in my tummy which made it even more magical!

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