Our First 10 Years Together


The Pinky Swore that Saved the Day

One day, I was minding my own business when all of a sudden, I received a winky face on Facebook messenger from a super hot guy. I clicked on his profile and instantly thought it was fake because all of his pictures were from fashion shows.

I had just gotten out of a less-than-awesome relationship, so I wasn’t really looking to get into anything new, but I messaged him back anyways asking, “Do I know you?” After a few days went by, he hadn’t replied back so I didn’t really give any more thought to that winky face.

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

A week went by and my childhood friend Marzena’s birthday was around the corner. It was perfect timing because we were just rolling into summer and I wanted to go out and have some fun with my friends! Everyone wanted to go to a local bar called Emma’s Back Porch. I wasn’t really feeling it, but they insisted I go and picked me up anyways.

As we were walking up to the entrance, I saw a super cute guy by the doorway. He looked so familiar but I couldn’t remember where I’d seen him before. I walked up to him and asked if we’d met before. He looked a little embarrassed and said, “ugh, I was that guy that sent you a winky face on Facebook.” He introduced himself as Nick Bateman.


We started chatting and he seemed super sweet, but I was out celebrating Marzena’s birthday so I had to get back to my friends. Nick said to go have fun with my girlfriends and he’d find me before he left.

An hour went by and my friends and I were bordering on white-girl-wasted territory. Nick walked up to say goodbye like he promised and I simply threw him in the middle of my pack of lionesses to dance. He can still remember all the girls looking unimpressed that he was dropping in on our girls night (lol).

In that moment, Nick decided that I wasn’t his type, I was too much of a “party girl”. He brushed me off a bit after that, saying he would message me the next day. But the fighting Irish in me decided to call him out on it, saying I knew that he had no intentions of messaging me again. I ended up making him pinky swear that we’d hang out one time together. He looked at me for a minute and then looped his pinky finder around mine. I’ll never forget him taking that chance!

The next day, Nick messaged me and we went to the beach, skipped rocks, got hot dogs and watched Kill Bill. We spent almost the entire day together! The next day, we hung out again, and the day after that, and pretty soon the days turned into months.

It blossomed into the most romantic summer of our lives. We did everything together that year, including white-water rafting, camping, and a few road-trips. We were honestly inseparable.

To this day we still joke that if I hadn’t made him pinky swear, we might never have gotten to where we are now. We both would have lost out on the greatest love story of our lives!

So the lesson to be learned here is: always go for things that you want, never second guess yourself, don’t have regrets and never have too much tequila or you might just miss out on the greatest love of your life (lol).

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