Never Fully Dressed Pop-Up in LA


Opening my Closet doors to ‘Never Fully Dressed’

Never Fully Dressed is an incredible brand based out of the U.K. They really know how to captivate the hearts of girls from all over the world with their fun-chic patterns and their silky fabrics.

Many Los Angeles babes were lucky enough to have the brand set-up shop for three days in our neighborhood. Influencers, bloggers, agents and locals trekked through the crazy Hollywood traffic to get up-close and personal with the U.K brand.

The designer, Lucy, was there offering style tips and lending a very talented hand to all who came. She was such a sweetheart; she even gave me a mini tutorial on how to style their multi-purpose skirt!

I absolutely love a designer who knows all the ins and outs of their brand. Lucy is so knowledgable in all things fashion, incorporating all the upcoming trends while harnessing her own unique vision for ‘Never Fully Dressed’.


animalistic print madness

The brand has completely cultivated the safari-print trend throughout their entire collection. They have all the fierce prints like leopard, cheetah, zebra, snake and more, ranging from athletic wear to a sexy bold outfit for your Friday night. This brand totally knows how to please their audience!


Multi-purpose item

What’s most exciting about this skirt is its multi-purpose use! You can wear it as a sexy skirt to spice up your look, as a wrap for the beach and you can even wear it as a halter top!

I absolutely love multi-purpose items, so I ordered this skirt in two other prints as well; You better believe I’m going to look fresh and fashionable in Europe!



I’ve been wearing headbands a lot lately because I’m growing my bangs out for our wedding, and it’s really helping make the whole process quite painless. Once I tried on the ‘Never Fully Dressed’ headband, I totally fell in love. I wear my cream colored one to the gym and I even wear it out at night for a nice dinner.

Their headbands are super durable which is such a great quality if you want to wear them as much as I do. I’ve just ordered a beautiful earthy green one for the summer. I think green really accentuates the natural beauty of brunettes!

Tarot Reading

During the fun pop-up shop day, they had an amazing Tarot card reader. Sophia was such a sweetheart and dealt me some great cards! It all had to do with business. The cards predicted that I would have a ton of working opportunities coming up this year- yeah!

She also predicted that it will be a successful business year for Nick and me, and that we would soon be collaborating on projects together. I can’t wait to see what happens this year and I’ll be sure to keep you all updated!



These boob bags are super cute, and they can be purchased for only five pounds. I’ve been using mine ever since the event and it’s become my new gym bag. I love how the bag symbolizes empowering women!


My closet is officially never fully dressed

I’m so thrilled that I was invited to this amazing event that was run by the incredible boss mama herself, Lucy. The brand really does empower women and represents boss babes to the max.

I love all their fabrics and fun prints and I’m so happy that I’m able to incorporate some of their beautiful pieces into my wardrobe. I can’t wait to take all my NFD items with me to London, Hvar and Mykonos. Stay tuned to see all the bachelorette madness unfold on Instagram!

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