My Yoga Retreat Adventure in Costa Rica

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Finding My Balance

About two years ago, I was feeling completely overwhelmed living in Hollywood and really needed a break. I took it upon myself to do some self-care escape to a yoga retreat.

At the time, I was only a beginner in yoga but Vida Mountain Resort & Spa was offering a 200-hour yoga teacher training and I thought why not challenge myself and give it a whirl! I think that the only way we as humans grow is when you challenge yourself, so I dove in.

It was extremely challenging as we were limited to phone-use, but it’s what I needed, to be disconnected for a bit and it was great! We ate all vegetarian food, we didn’t even have any wine (which I missed dearly), but it was amazing to see the change in my body without the few glasses of wine I was having each week!


July 25th 2017 marked the day that I embarked on an 18-day adventure which included daily yoga for five hours, one hour of meditation, group discussions, self love, nutrition lessons and met some really great human beings!

Vida Mountain is a private adult spa resort where I had my own one bedroom villa overlooking the mountain jungle in the mountains of San Ramon. It truly was magical!

Each morning I would wake up to the sound of the howler monkeys and I’d sit and listen to them while drinking a delicious cup of Costa Rican coffee. I would see the beautiful toucans fly past my balcony (I felt like Jane from Tarzan!).

At 6:00 am every morning, we would start our day with an hour of meditation in the yoga studio, we would always have the wall sized windows open and you could hear all the sounds of the jungle, the clouds would roll in and it literally felt like you were floating on a cloud.

Every evening, I would unwind with a tea in my private hot tub on my balcony and listen to the sounds of the nocturnal creatures and the night.


Arenal Volcano - Costa Rica

We also ventured off in a school bus together to the beautiful hot springs in La Fortuna. On the way there, our bus driver spotted a baby sloth in the tree and we pulled over! It honestly made my year and I completely cried with joy seeing a little slothy-bear in its natural habitat, it was incredible!

After I checked off “find baby sloth in the wild” from my bucket list, we hit a restaurant buffet hard in La Fortuna where they had lots of yummy seafood. Then, we soaked up in the hot spring baths with heats ranging from 91°F to 105°F. You can also see the Arenal volcano which an amazing site to see!



On the 17th day, each student in the program had to lead, create and instruct a yoga class. I was totally nervous doing this as I was pretty much learning yoga on-the-go during the retreat. But I took the challenge and felt so powerful once I completed it and got certified!

(Check out what my stomach looked like after almost half a month of clean eating and no wine!)

That evening, we all celebrated over an amazing dinner by our vegetarian chef and she made me the best vegan coconut donuts I’ve ever had (thanks Rosie)! I’ll never forget this amazing experience and I walked away with a new skill, and feeling refreshed and powerful.

If you’re looking for an incredible adventure with fitness I highly recommend a yoga retreat, can’t wait for my next one!



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