How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship with Work, Family and Personal Life

Time Management

How I Manage to have a Healthy Balance in all Areas of Life

I think this is something we as humans all struggle with. The fact that 93% of you are reading this right now on your phones, shows we really don’t have any disconnection from our phones during our day. We are always accessible at every moment because your phone is either in your pocket, purse, or strapped to your body!

According to the latest report from IDC Research, 79% of adult smartphone users have their phones with them for 22 hours a day! Yeah, I know, it’s crazy! Take me for example: I have my phone on me at all times; I even plug it in by my nightstand when I sleep (I totally fall into the 79% category).

I’ve known this about myself for a long time, so I put my phone down for at least a few hours a day to be with my family. If we’re going to the park together, dinner, or just playing with Chase, I always make sure to leave my phone in my purse.

Juggling life with a baby

Since having Chase, it’s definitely been harder to have a consistent schedule because let’s face it- Chasey calls the shots in our house, but we do our best! We typically try to stick to a regular schedule with EVERYTHING to stay consistent. If you have a good rhythm going you can train your baby to be on a functional schedule that will keep everyone happy.

I think anything is possible and I’m a very optimistic person. I think if you sit down, make a realistic schedule you can follow, you can accomplish anything in your week! It’s important to set goals in life; it will make you excel in your daily activities and will help you grow confidence where you’re lacking. Achieving your goals, small or large can be empowering and exhilarating.

When starting out with setting your goals, I recommend taking baby steps so there’s no room for failure. You don’t want the chance of failing and feeling discouraged from sticking to a schedule.

Keeping relationships happy and healthy

All of your close relationships should take priority. If you’re out for dinner with a friend, watching a movie with your partner, or playing with your baby, you owe it to them to give them your full attention. Make them feel valued and give them the attention they deserve. It can be hard at times if you’re self employed and your e-mails and phone calls are your business, but you owe it to them. Life is short so you should make all your relationships meaningful.

6 Steps to succeed your weekly goals


This is the most important of the steps! I said earlier to start small with your goals, so if your goal next week is to work out and you don’t normally, start by aiming for three days in the week and do every other day. You want to set yourself up for success.

If you’re just starting out with setting goals, try making two to three goals for your week and then build your goal list up as you go along. For example: if you don’t like your current job and want a new one, make one of your goals to improve your resume and critique it until you’re proud to show it off to everyone. Another goal could be to meet new people, and you could introduce yourself to someone you always see, it could be someone at your local coffee shop or yoga class, etc., this way you’ll have at least one thing in common.

When you’ve made your task list for the week, it’s so rewarding when you can pick up your pen and cross out a task from your list. It’s the best feeling ever!

The point of making goals is to improve yourself and to better your quality of life, remember that and let that be your drive into crossing out your weekly tasks!


Sometimes my weekly schedule can look intimidating with the amount of appointments, meetings, events, jobs, workout classes, and social appointments. That’s why it’s important to prioritize the things that are most important to you in achieving your biggest goal or dream.

I think it’s very helpful if you have a calendar where you can document all of your events and times so you don’t miss anything and you can prioritize and plan out your week efficiently.

Start your list off with the crucial things you need to complete for your week and list in order of priority.

Bumping the less important tasks to the following week may decrease your risk of stressing yourself out

Again, make your list realistic. For a full week for myself, I try to keep the list to ten tasks within the week. I find that doable for myself but everyone’s different, so do what’s best for you.


Being a Sagittarius I always want to please everyone in my circle, so sometimes I personally spread myself out too thin. I’ve learned the way you can be most effective for yourself and others is to say no from time to time.

When you’re working with your glass half empty, you tend to make mistakes, tire yourself out, and disappoint yourself and others. Don’t be afraid to say no to people in order to complete all of the tasks in your week or just to make time to be with the important people in your life.

I say no all the time now! I say no to events, going to the bar, and just anything that’s going to prevent me from finishing my week off solid!


Being a mother and a wife, I tend to be busy all the time. If I’m not spending time with Chase, I’m with Nick, friends, or working. I’ll be honest, it can be overwhelming at times, and what I learned in the first two months of Chase’s life was that I can’t do it all.

Our extended family doesn’t live here but when they visit, I give them extra time with Chase so I can make up in some areas where I’ve been lacking, like with some friendships, or even a proper date night out!

We also hired a nanny when Chase was two months old, and now we have her twice a week. Those are the days Nick and I schedule our meetings, errands or social events.

When you can get help from trusted people like family, friends, or a nanny, you completely should! There’s nothing wrong with asking for some extra help.


I personally will get lost in e-mails or writing when I’m working, so I find it super productive to set an alarm so I can stay on schedule but not be a slave to the clock and watch it constantly.

With keeping a tight knit schedule, I’m able to stay on time with my day schedule and be my most efficient self. People might think it’s crazy or OCD to have an alarm for writing, but for me this is what works. It’s best to try different things to see what works and sticks for you.


This one is my favorite step! I feel like society these days has brainwashed us into thinking we need to work around the clock all day every day in order to be successful, but I find it does the opposite; It actually wears you down and you become disconnected with your loved ones, which doesn’t sound fun or efficient at all.

When you make time for yourself either once a day or week (or whatever you can make work) it’s like you’re recharging your battery. Now, where you get the juice for your battery will be your own preference, but for me it’s either a massage, getting my nails done, hair done, or shopping. I usually will take two hours on a Wednesday to do one of those things and it’s awesome!

I prefer to do these things alone and I think that’s important. Completely disconnect yourself from others so you don’t allow any distractions on your time! Again, your time could be completely different from me, it could be Netflix, meditation, or sitting outside listening to nature. But that’s the best part about it, it’s your time and you can do whatever you want.

Summery of Six Time Management Rules:

  1. Set weekly goals or tasks

  2. Prioritize your week

  3. Say No if you need to

  4. Delegate and ask for help

  5. Track your time

  6. Time for yourself

To give you an example of my weekly tasks:

  1. Chase’s doctor’s appointment

  2. Shoot content for Instagram

  3. Write 1 blog

  4. Movie Premiere

  5. Workout 5 days this week (45 minutes per day)

  6. Drink 2 L of water a day

  7. Call (catch up) with Anita

  8. Date night with Nick (Bowling)

  9. Organize closet

  10. Disconnect from phone for 2 hours (daily)

For my 10 tasks for this upcoming week, I’ve completed a few of them (in bold) already. I personally wouldn’t write out my day like I have done below, but this is just so you can get an idea of where I’m going with this. I would 100% however, write out my list of tasks that I want to complete for the week. I usually write my task list every Monday and leave it out so I can visually see it while I work, it’s a reminder to just “keep on swimming”.

Example of my day:


7:00 am- Chase wakes up. Get him ready for the day and prepare breakfast. Make myself a strong coffee and feed myself while he’s eating. Throw on workout clothes.

8:00 am- Baby sitter arrives. I head to my fitness class.

8:30 am- F45 class (45 minutes long). This is where I get my sweat on (I really push myself with any workout because what’s the point in going half ass! If I’m not flushed in the face after a workout, I never do it again lol (true story).

9:30 am- Errands, post office, bank, grocery shopping.

10:30 am- Say hi to Chase. Shower. Do e-mails and phone calls (call Anita)

12:00 pm- Lunch

12:30 pm- Shoot content for Instagram, blog

4:00 pm- Hang with Chase (read books, play games, swim)

6:00 pm- Dinner with the family (disconnect from phone for 2 hours)

7:00 pm- Chase’s bath time

7:30 pm- Story time with the family

8:00 pm- Chase goes to sleep

8:00 pm- Hang out with Nick, watch a movie

11:00 pm- Bedtime

I hope this has helped some of you understand that time management is possible when you have the right tools. Remember to always start out small and be realistic with your goals. Good luck!

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