I let Stress get the Best of me on our Wedding Day

How Stress Affected my Skin

How Stress Affected my Skin on our Wedding day…

Believe it or not, on our wedding day my skin was the worst it has ever been! If you’ve had a wedding or have been apart of the process, you know exactly what kind of stress can come out of planning a wedding.


Leading up to our big day, Nick and I were bringing Chase to a children’s jungle gym. We were attempting to socialize him more with other babies and along the way, he picked up some not so friendly germs. He was 10 months old and had never been sick. Chase ended up getting his very first gnarly cold a week prior to our wedding…

You try your best as a parent to keep the germs at bay, but it’s so hard when you have your sick baby needing the extra attention and love… With that said, it was inevitable that Nick and I got the cold too. Our colds were so much worse though! We really weren’t resting enough because we had a sick babe to look after, all while having to take care of all the last-minute errands for the wedding.

Eczema flare up strikes hard

Four days before the wedding, I started to get eczema around my eyes and I started to panic. I have a steroid ointment that I used to use for the eczema on my hands, but have steered clear of the topical steroid because I’ve been trying a more homeopathic route.

Three days leading up to the wedding, I gave in and used the harsh topical steroid ointment on my face before I went to sleep. I woke up the next morning and my skin was 100 times worse! The ointment actually caused a chemical burn on my face because it wasn’t meant for facial use…

It got worse before it got better; I was stressing more and more as the wedding day was approaching. I wasn’t stressing about the actual wedding anymore but now the condition of my skin. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and it was stressing me out even more, causing things to worsen.

This was taken the day before our wedding…

This was taken the day before our wedding…


On the morning of our wedding day my skin was still pretty bad. I woke up at 5:00am with Chase, fed him and tried to go back to sleep but started stressing about my skin... At 8:30am, all the bridesmaids and I were to meet in my room to start hair and makeup. I was the last to have my makeup done and I felt so ugly and couldn’t stop thinking, of all the days of my life, why today?!

Once I had my makeup done and my hair was styled, I couldn’t believe that I looked like myself again. The makeup artist did an incredible job of covering all the redness on my face! You could still see the raised bumps under my eyes but it looked so much better! Even though it was a great improvement, I was still worried that you’d be able to see the eczema in the wedding photos and video.

Stress Remedy

My wedding planner’s assistant could see I was stressing and asked me if I wanted something to help and I was curious. What she gave me was “Bach Rescue Remedy Dropper Natural Stress Relief”. I took three drops under the tongue and felt calmer within 15 minutes. It was like a weight was lifted off of my chest, and I could breathe again. I stopped worrying about my face and started to focus on taking all the moments in. After all, today was our wedding day and I was so excited to be marrying my best friend.

As you saw on social media, our wedding was beautiful. Gorgeous moments were caught on camera, and you didn’t see a single bump on my face! Now that I look back, I was so silly to be stressing about something so superficial. I’m grateful that I had the stress relief drops that day to calm me down on the second-best day of my life (meeting my sweet baby Chase being the first 😉).

It’s wild how stress can drastically affect your body in a matter of days! I really worked myself up worrying about the wedding and then my skin. I’m happy I overcame my stress tornado before the actual wedding happened! If you suffer from anxiety or stress, here are a few tools that I’d like to recommend:

7 Tips for Stress

  • Stress Remedy drops: (Rescue Remedy) is completely natural and this was my fix-it on our wedding day.

  • Breathing exercises: Simply inhaling and exhaling- that alone will calm you down. Here’s a great video showing three easy breathing exercises to practice which will help you in state of stress or anxiety. The third breathing exercise (Nadi Shodhana, or “alternate nostril breathing) is my favorite! It helps with balancing as well as anxiety. It looks silly but don’t knock it till you try it.

  • Meditation: Lighting a candle, playing calming music, and meditating for five or ten minutes (whatever you’re capable of, just get lost in the light of the candle).

  • Grounding Sprays: Sometimes people resonate with a calming scent. I sometimes use a grounding spray to relax in the evening before bed.

  • Motivational / inspirational books: Everyones preference is different but I really love, ‘You Are a Badass’. I’ve always vibed with this book, it really helps me get focused on life. There’s a lot of “F bombs” and humor in it, which speaks to me (lol) it keeps me intrigued.

  • Journal your day: Document what upset you, made you happy, things you’re thankful for, whatever you’d like. It might be easier for some to express their feelings on paper.

  • Talking with a close friend or loved one: The trick is to get whatever’s upsetting you off your chest. Say it out loud, and let that it go!

I hope my tips will be useful to you in your next time in need. Just remember, no one is perfect and we’re all human. We all feel, and we all hurt. It’s just up to you to deal with those mixed emotions in an appropriate way. It feels incredible when you realize you can get out of a stressful moment using your own self-help tools - It can be very empowering.

Big hugs and much love,

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