How I maintain Healthy looking Hair


How I Keep My Hair looking Healthy and Shiny 

I recently did a poll and asked all of you for a little help in picking some topics to write about, and this was one of the top ones! I’ve never thought of myself as having healthy hair. My hair is naturally wavy / curly leaving it more on the dry side, so a big thank you to all of you who think I have beautiful hair. I must say, I owe it all to the products I’ve been using lately and to washing my hair less!

Dry Shampoo

About seven years ago back in my Canadian days of living, I had a dope ass hair stylist and she always had gorgeous hair! I asked her what her secret was, and she replied, “easy, I wash it once a week” - I almost fell off my chair! I thought what does your boyfriend think? And does he think it smells? That, my friends, is how I was introduced to dry shampoo.

I quickly went from washing my hair every other day to every three days and now I’m washing every four days! The only way I’ve been able to manage this is because of dry shampoo. I’ve been a long-time user and I’ve honestly tried them all (powder, foam, and aerosol).

After years of dabbling through all the brands of dry shampoo, I now mainly use two. My go-to one is Perk Up Dry Shampoo by Amika, and the other is Detox Dry Shampoo by Drybar. Both are the aerosol type and they smell so incredible and fresh, leaving your hair smelling glorious like you just washed it! 

How To Extend Your Hair Washing

I find that the biggest secret for having healthy hair is washing it less. If you over wash, your hair gets stripped of its natural oils causing it to dry out and become dull and brittle, all while causing your scalp to over-produce oils to make up for what was just washed out.

I would recommend heading over to your local beauty supply store or Sephora and trying out a few different kinds before you commit to one. I have tried so many different ones and some of them weren’t for me at all; either the smell or the texture was off, but everyone’s hair and preferences are different. I would also recommend getting a cute shower cap to avoid getting your hair wet in the shower!

When you space out your hair washes, try going an extra day than you would usually. Your hair will then naturally produce less and less oils on your scalp, because it won’t be over compensating for being over washed. You’ll gradually be able to extend another day before washing your hair again if you desire. The best part is, if your hair looks oily or smelly from a workout, put some dry shampoo in your roots and it’s like you’ve had a miracle wash in 30 seconds- it’s fabulous!

Heat Protection For Hair Health Is Vital

Before I became conscious about my hair health, I never used any hair primers or heat protectors. I always thought to myself, why spend more money on a product that probably doesn’t even work…

After 15 years of using blow dryers, hair straighteners, and curling wands, I started to see more and more split-ends after time. When I would brush my fingers through my hair, it would actually break off. I finally decided to take action and started testing heat protector products.

Years of experimenting and playing with all sorts of them, I have found the one that works for me! I personally love the Prep Rally by Drybar. I’m all about scents and this one smells so sexy and protects your hair from heat up to 450°F.


I LOVE leave-in-conditioner; it’s a smoothing hydrating must have! If your hair isn’t damaged and more on the oily side you could skip this part, but if you have dry brittle hair, this will be your best friend in no time.

My personal favorite is Mr. Incredible by Drybar – it hydrates, smooths, prevents breakage, de-frizzes, and more! A little goes a long way with this one, so you don’t have to break the bank on always re-stocking.

I usually let my hair air dry to skip on unnecessary heat damage if I’m not in a rush. Once it’s dry, I style with either with my T3Micro curling wand or straightener. My hair is pretty good at holding form, so I don’t normally need to do any touch ups throughout the week.

hair Shine like no other

Once I’m ready to go out on the town, I use my Hair Shine by Ouai. I don’t use this all the time; I only use it if I have an event or meetings. I try to use aerosols on a ‘need to’ basis as I try to be as environmentally friendly as I can.

Does Biotin really work?

I have to say I’ve always been skeptical if biotin actually works. When I was pregnant I was on a really good prenatal vitamin which had double the amount of biotin in it compared to over the counter biotin. Two months postpartum, I discontinued the prenatal and my hair started to fall out (which is normal after giving birth) and it wasn’t as shiny and soft.

I recently started taking a biotin supplement which has 10 mg of biotin in it, which is two times stronger than your over the counter biotin. I’ve only been on the supplement for a month but my hair does feel softer and stronger (I would know this because I have an 11 month old yanking at it daily).

shampoo and conditioner

I’m still on the hunt for a good shampoo and conditioner, but when I do find a brand that I love, I’ll be sure to share with all of you since healthy hair is such a hot commodity!

four Key Ingredients for Healthy looking hair:

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