Our First Six Months With Chase


One Month Old

Chase was 10 lbs 1 oz at birth, 21 1/2 inches long and is in the 99% tile. He’s a complete sweetheart and has captured the love of everyone he comes across. As you can imagine, Chase did not fit into any of his newborn clothes so he went straight into 3-month clothing because he was such a big baby!


At 4 days old, Chase was smiling! Everyone said it was probably gas but my fiancé, Nick and I knew in our hearts he was just a happy smiley baby. At one week old, Chase started lifting up his head and moving his neck side to side. This isn’t typically normal but because for such a big baby, he was progressing so quickly. We fed him every two hours and we had the whole family on deck taking turns helping out— it was great!

With all the extra hands to help out, I was able to rest and recover. Chase really slept most of the first month, I think he was averaging 17 hours a day and would eat every two to three hours.

We kept Chase in a bassinet that had wheels on it so we would just roll him in to whoever room that night who was going to watch him and feed him, it was a good system! 

Two Months Old

He was weighing 14 lbs and was 23 inches long by now. I introduced the “shusher” to his sleep regimen and luckily, he would pass out as soon as I turned it on!


Chase was still sleeping in his bassinet, mostly because we are first-time parents and we just weren’t ready to put him in his big boy crib yet! We felt way more comfortable that he was in our room just a few steps away.

He was still in 3-month clothing and sleeping around 16 hours and eating every two to three hours still. Again, we had a ton of help at this stage. Nick’s mom had flown in for a few months so she would usually do the 5:00 am shift with him so I could sleep till 8:00 am— it was awesome!

At this stage in the game, Chase was starting to recognize faces and showing connections with people which was pretty amazing! He was very alert all the time, tracking with his eyes, showing interest in certain toys. and playing with his hands, etc.

Three Months Old

At nine weeks, Chase was 16 lbs 25 inches long and started sleeping in his crib every night. We soon realized he loved his little lamb mobile, and every morning we would be woken by little Chase giggles. We’d walk in his room and he’d just be smiling and starring up at his four little lambs on the mobile, it was adorable!!!


We also would play ‘Baby Mozart’ music for him while he was sleeping. When he would play in his crib, I’d usually out on some ‘Disney’s Piano Classicals’ for him.

He started became more active and slept less in the day and was more started sleeping longer at night. He would go to sleep at 6:00 pm and we would dream feed him at 11:00 pm. He was usually back up and at ‘em by 5:00 am. He started playing on his activity mat and really interacting with his toys so I started building a list of favorite ones.

This is when we really started focusing on tummy time. He was NOT a fan of it and was scared at first but it’s just something you have to power through as a family. Placing Chase on his stomach helps to make the muscles in his neck stronger and will aid in crawling in the months to come.

Four Months Old

At 19 lbs and 27 inches long, we were finally in a good routine. Chase actually had a full day regimen. He would start every morning playing with his lamb mobile, then I’d get him ready for the day and feed him.


After his feed, Chase would move to Baby Einstein jumper (he’s such a big boy so typically babies don’t start that until they’re six months). He loved his jumper and honestly had a blast! It helps build the strength up in his legs from jumping like a mad man!

Chase usually hung out on his activity mat in the morning for tummy time. He would usually go for a nap for an hour and that’s when it’s Mama’s time to get some work done! Once he gets up again, he would eat and then we’d either go for a walk to the park, or if we have appointments or some running around, that’s the time we do that.

When we would return home, Chase typically had more activity time on his tummy, in his Baby Einstein jumper, or playing in his Mamaroo chair. 5:00 pm was bath time before doing some more playing on his tummy on the activity mat. At 6:00 pm he would eat dinner and then we’d read his favorite book like seven times and would usually fall asleep by 6:30-7:00 pm.

Five Months Old

At 21 lbs and 28 inches long, Chase was totally smitten with our younger dog, Keeva. His little face always lights up when she walks in the room (definitely love at first sight).


Chase loved standing, obviously with the assistance of us and he liked making little spit bubbles with his mouth. He had also recently learned how to scream so that was interesting (lol). He also could tell which toys were his favorite, and we noticed he loved music! Anytime he would be fussy, I sang to him and he instantly stopped and just listened, it really calmed him down.

Chase’s favorite book is still “Animals” and we probably read it seven times in a row still. He could now turn the pages and take the book away from me (lol).

Chase had one of his lower baby teeth come in! He was a little cranky for a day or two, but it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought the teething stage would be! He now goes to sleep at night around 7:30 pm, and Nick dream feeds him around 11:00 pm. He usually sleeps until 6:00 am and that’s when I get up with him!


Six Months Old

Chase now weighs 23 lbs and is 29 inches long which puts him in the 95% tile. He wears size 9- to 12-month clothing and is getting so much stronger every day! We’re trying to increase his tummy time to five minutes each session for six to eight times a day depending on his mood (he hates tummy time with a passion lol).

Chase - 6 Months Old

His favorite toy right now is a monkey teether from Indigo, we keep it in the freezer when it’s not in his mouth so the cold can help with gum discomfort from teething. He now has two lower baby teeth and only had a few cranky days due to the tooth coming in, but overall not too bad!

We’ve slowly started weening him off of formula and trying foods like puréed carrots, bananas, sweet potato etc. and he’s absolutely loving it! It’s a really fun stage now to experiment with different foods and seeing what he really likes. His favorite so far is puréed banana’s, I swear it’s because I’ve always been a die-hard Minion fan and it’s honestly like having a real live minion of my own! He speaks minion and la-la-loves minion food aka “BA-NA-NA!” (*Minion voice*).

He loves talking to us all the time which is amazing and he’s said '“mom” a few times but we don’t think he grasps that I’m “mom” just yet. Excited to see what comes in the next four weeks!

Stay tuned for his update next month!

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