Full Body Workout with Good American


Working out in my Favorite Workout Apparel

My day started off with receiving a special package from the Good American team. I was fortunate enough to receive their zip-up sports bra and core strength leggings in their popular snake print.

I’m totally obsessed with the leggings because they hold everything in (if you know what I mean). The sports bra can be zipped-up all the way for maximum support, or half-way for more of a sexy lounge-wear look.

I originally only had their black biker shorts but now I think I need to try EVERYTHING! The leggings fit so well and since I’m only eight months postpartum, I think I need to try some Good American denim next.


Ellie Gonsalves

Ellie was such a doll with her contagiously happy energy, and she was so welcoming. She led the class with trainer Luke Milton, who has such a crazy and fun buzz about him. He really did create such a motivating atmosphere for everyone.

Luke is all about pushing your limits and he even moves around the class, really motivating everyone through their workout. The two Australian originals were truly such a fun duo leading the class of fitness babes to greatness.


Training Mate

Good American teamed up with Training Mate, which is in West Hollywood. This class was crazy! There were three areas with three different stations of at least two weight training areas and one cardio area. You had a minute in each station and rotated on to the next two to complete a cycle of three.

After you completed the cycle, you move on to the next two areas for a complete full body workout. I left Training Mate feeling good, but by day two, I was feeling it (ouch!).


Post Exercise

After the intense class that we all pushed through like champs, we sat outside for drinks, snacks and had some yummy healthy juices. We took a fun group photo together and each left with ‘Good American’ goodie bags full of fun beauty products and some Good American gear.



Overall, it was an incredible morning with the Good American team. I am thankful that I had this opportunity because I met some beautiful, strong, powerful women. Everyone was so approachable and friendly; one girl was even expecting her baby this week! Gemma pushed through the class like a boss mom (no, her water didn’t break lol - but it was all in the back of our minds) this class really is for everyone!

It’s so important to do things that push you out of your comfort zone. I normally go to events with a friend or someone I know, and this time I went alone. I had so much fun meeting everyone on the team at Good American and some other incredible fitness babes that I took so much inspiration from.

I always aim to be better than yesterday; do things that make you uncomfortable. Try new things. Talk to people you wouldn’t normally talk to, because you never know how they may impact your day or life, and you theirs. Most importantly, have fun with whatever you’re doing, and don’t take yourself so seriously. We only get one life, so make it count!

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