Fitness Classes I Recommend

Fitness Classes I Recommend

Choosing The Right Fitness Classes For You

My personal fitness journey began seven years ago and at first, it was a love/hate relationship. But once I started to see some results I instantly got hooked!

It’s a good idea to look at your own goals and then decide how you can best achieve them. Some fitness goals might be:

  • To improve your overall health

  • To relieve stress

  • To pack on muscle

  • To lose weight

Once you got that figured out, if you’re new to the fitness world, start out slow and build confidence in trying new things. You don’t have to be a pro to start, so dive in and try different things like yoga, dance classes, body pump classes, spinning — basically, what ever gets you excited, try it!

I’d suggest trying a range of local fitness studios. Studios usually offer a free classes or gym access for first-timers, so I’d take full advantage of that and find something you really love and that you’re going to commit your time and energy to before signing up.

My Favorite Fitness Classes


After I had baby Chase, it took me a while to build the energy to hit the gym again. I was lacking motivation to jump back into weight-training. My fiancé, Nick took it upon himself to help me out and seek a trainer for my birthday.

He found my fitness guru Maria Leguizamon who not only is a personal trainer but has a yoga background too! She helped my fitness journey get back on track with cardio and light weight resistance training to build my strength up again.

Now after four months of training with her, I’m lifting heavy weight and adding to my booty asset!


I love HIIT classes because I find them challenging and they motivate me to push through. They’re formatted to usually be a little shorter than your average studio class as your burning more calories and energy. A HIIT class usually begins with intense bursts of exercise followed by short cardio sessions and then a recovery period. These kind of classes get and keep your heart rate up, burning more fat in less time (bonus).

Check out my HIIT class workout video here:


I’m new to this type of class but really love it. The class is heated to about 85 degrees and is usually a 60 minute class with combinations of vinyasa flow yoga and light weight training for a full body tone up! This class for me is extremely challenging and sometimes I have to leave the room because I get too hot and that’s okay too, as long as you show up to your mat and do your best, that’s all that matters!


Pilates is great for getting a deep stretch in. I only do a level 1 class for this purpose because I’m already doing three other heavy classes during the week. You can take a more challenging Pilates class as well, they are available but I choose not to and purely use Pilates as a stretching class so my sore muscles can recover from my other workouts.

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