Finding The Perfect Wedding Planner for Your Big Day


Let the Planning Begin…

Growing up, I always thought I would plan my own wedding. I love planning parties and decorating so I thought I’d have a blast creating and organizing all the fun that goes into a wedding!

Fast forward fifteen years to October 2018. I was on a frantic hunt for a wedding planner that offered it all. I realized pretty quickly into the planning process that a wedding is a LOT of work to put together! I’ve been in literally tons of wedding parties, so I thought I had a pretty good idea of what went into it. But planning your own wedding is an entirely new ballgame.

There was no way I’d have time to plan between taking care of our newborn, working, and getting back into shape. Just the idea of our wedding stressed the crap out of me so I decided that a wedding planner was a must-have for us.

Locking in on the Wedding Planner

I turned to one of my most reliable sources for help— Google! I started internet-stalking a handful of wedding planners that caught my eye. I went to their websites, read their Yelp reviews, and of course, creeped their social media to see their content and interactions, etc. After doing some diligent research, I narrowed it down to three!

One of the planners that was still in the running was recommended by our wedding venue. When we locked down our wedding date with the venue, they gave us a planning package which included a pamphlet featuring a wedding that this planner had recently worked on and it really stood out to me.

The next day, I had two phone interviews with planners. They were both very sweet, but I didn’t feel the connection I was looking for with them. I decided to reach out to the planner from the pamphlet on Instagram and we quickly evolved into email conversations.

I fell in love with her right away! I felt like I really knew her and I became a mega fan. Nick and I made the big commitment and booked her for our wedding day. I was over the moon that I had FINALLY locked down our wedding planner and that I didn’t have to stress anymore!

Meet Charley King

So, without further adieu, let me introduce you to the one-and-only Charley King! To start, she’s an award-winning wedding planner and if you can imagine the perfect person that you’d want at the helm of your wedding, she’s even better.


She's the sweetest, kindest, patient, and most innovative wedding planner whose personality really does shine through in so many ways. For me, being able to connect with someone on a personal level is everything. I want all my guests to feel like they’re walking into a magical, happy, romantic, wedding haven and I know Charley is going to bring that to life for all of us.

With over a decade of experience under her belt, she has a subtle, almost Mary Poppins-like vibe. We’ve already adopted her as our British fairy Godmother. With her being from Buckinghamshire, England, I know she’ll also be able to tame (if need be) my Irish and English uncles (lol…but seriously I’m not joking).

She’s even jumped in and helped us out with Chase during our vendor appointments. She truly goes above and beyond for all her clients, and there really isn’t much that Charley can’t make happen. I’m so grateful for her to be a part of our wedding. I honestly can’t picture Nick and I doing this with anyone else!

5 key ingredients in finding the perfect planner:

  1. PERSONALITY: Weddings are stressful as shit with the amount of money you’re spending so find someone whose going to calm you down if need be.

  2. EXPERIENCE: You want someone whose done weddings before (lol) not just a friend-of-a-friend who is good at planning parties. A wedding is a completely different CREATURE!

  3. FREE CONSULTATION: Some planners wanted a fee just to meet with me which I thought was outrageous and completely greedy.

  4. TRANSPARENCY: Find out exactly what services they’re offering and ask yourself if it fits your needs and budget. A good planner should be flexible and be willing to accommodate.

  5. COMMUNICATION: Make sure their response time is good. I think an email trail is the best way to avoid the whole “he said, she said” thing that can sometimes happen.

Who needs a wedding planner?

I think everyone can honestly benefit from a wedding planner, I personally think if we didn’t have a planner we would have called the wedding off by now (lol)! Weddings are so stressful and you really don’t understand that kind of stress until you’re planning your own.

Having a planner limits the research aspect of it. For example, when it came to the flowers I just screen shot flower images from Instagram, sent it over to Charley and then she sent me back three different florists to choose from (all of which she had worked with before and wrote bullet points of why they were good or what was unique about their services). This process was extremely helpful and made my life a whole lot easier.

I would highly suggest to every bride-to-be to stash some nuts away to invest in a wedding planner. It just makes everything flow nicely and it really takes the stress out of it, for both you and your groom. If I didn’t have Charley, I would have asked Nick about every flower color, napkin fabric and so-on. He 100% would have stuffed me into a closet by now, no joke!

Look at your wedding Budget

Rule of thumb, 40 percent of your budget will go towards your venue which will include your food and basic drinks for your guests (although every venue’s amenities are different). Be honest with yourself and really sit down and plan out how much you’re willing to spend on your “big day”.

Everyone always goes over-budget with last minute wedding add-ons, so keep that in mind too. The worst thing for a newly married couple is to be stressed out and in debt from your wedding.

Remember, if a wedding is going to set your finances back to the stone age, I would even hold off for another year. Be smart about budgeting for your wedding and be realistic with yourselves and immediate family. After all, it is just one day and you have your whole lives ahead of you, starting with this new exciting chapter together.

Have Fun!

Above all things, try to enjoy the time leading up to your wedding day! Life is too short to worry about if you can afford a photo booth or the expensive wedding dress for your wedding. Apart from marrying the love of your life, the absolute most important thing is that all the special people that you love and care about will be there to share the love with you. They’re all there to witness you and your best friend exchange vows and promise an eternity of love and adventure together so enjoy the journey!

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