Fashion Picks for My Everyday Style

Fashion Picks for My Everyday Style

Everyone Needs a “Simply Effortless” Look

The theme that I usually run with for creating my everyday outfits is usually "simply effortless”. I love pairing casual or semi-casual clothing with bold accessories that can dress up or dress down any look!

Below, I break down my go-to clothing and accessories for creating my everyday look:


Where the “flavor” of my everyday look comes in is at the accessory level! I’m always pairing my outfits with a cute accessory like a hat, belt or a really dainty necklace.


I’ve always loved hats since I can remember! I think hats are such great statement-piece and can really turn a simple outfit into a trendy one. If you haven’t jumped on the hat train yet, I highly recommend joining the club! Start basic and pick yourself up a cute classic, like a felt black hat, which will highlight any outfit in your closet.

For the last two years now, I’ve found myself gravitating to the Fallen Broken Street for my hats. This brand has always been so reliable in terms of quality and uniqueness, and I find I stand out in the sea of people here in LA when I’m sporting one of their styles. 

So, take it from me and give hats a whirl and experiment with the wide range of colors, shapes and sizes that the fashion market has to offer.


Earrings can be a great statement piece that help to tie your outfit together while also accentuating your face. The jewelry brand, Ettika has become a go-to for me over the years. They always have interesting and unique pieces that can pair well with a variety of looks!


When I open my closet each morning to choose my outfit for the day, I usually only have one thing in mind: comfort!

These days, I’m constantly on-the-go, caring for Chase, running errands, and attending meetings. For this reason, I like to choose clothing that I’ll be able to move around in comfortably.

High-waisted everything

At the moment, we’re switching to spring weather so I love rocking high-waisted jeans. I am such a big fan of high-waisted everything, since it tucks all your bits and bobs in nicely and accentuates your natural womanly curves.


I’m also loving crop top shirts and cropped denim jackets. I recently just cut two of my old denim jackets into cropped ones, that’s how big of a fan I am of this look! 

Fashion is supposed to be fun, so be bold with your accessories and enjoy your journey!

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