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Engagement Magic Caught on Camera

These beautiful shots were caught by one of the kindest sweethearts I’ve met so far in Los Angeles. She’s honestly such a doll and as soon as we met her, she felt like one of my close friends. She’s got amazing energy and such a genuine smile.

Jenny Quicksall

Let me introduce you to our talented photographer, Jenny Quicksall. I’m not the most candid individual, so it’s always nice to work with such a down-to-earth photographer who’s so warm and welcoming. It really makes things less intense and you can be more free in the moment while capturing your forever lasting memories.

I’ve legit been a bridesmaid over 10 times (lol) and I’ve had my fun share of wedding photographers. One even had both nipples pierced (visibly noticeable through his white shirt), was obviously going through something, and had a license plate that said, ‘PREDATOR’ (I really wish I was joking).

So, needless to say, being introduced (through Charley) to Jenny was a breath of fresh air. We did our engagement pictures late in the game just because I wanted to get back in-shape since having Chase. I wanted to feel strong and powerful in my body again. I’m so happy that we waited and with how the photos turned out, I wouldn’t do anything differently!

Wedding Photographer details

Jenny really captured us in the photos as a couple, coming together as fiancés and soon-to-be married in union. We were playing around on the beach together laughing and joking with each other and she caught all of those moments so seamlessly.

We were so relaxed after a long day of work and Jenny just caught us being ourselves which I love! The photos turned out so natural as Jenny’s forte is capturing magic with natural lighting.


capturing you as a couple

I remember thinking before the engagement pictures, we should get a stylist, makeup and our hair done. The closer we got to the date, I realized we should just go as how we normally are. We’re both going to be dolled up on our wedding day and it’d be nice to have photos of us as how we dressed in everyday life.



I think it’s so important to allot a decent budget for your photographer so you can have some wiggle room to lock down the right photographer for you. It’s also best to meet with the photographer before hiring them to make sure you have a good understanding of one another’s expectations and vision.

Seeing the images now, I know we’ll always look back even 50 years from now and smile that our engagement photos were so candid. Jenny truly captured the synergy and magic between us . Now with just a few months until the wedding, I’m eager to see all the moments she’ll capture on our wedding date!

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