D-Day: My Labor Story


September 13th, 2018 (Due Date)

The day was FINALLY here and the whole family was from Canada! My parents, Nick’s mom, and Nana were all eagerly awaiting the arrival of baby Chase. Of course, there was no movement on the labor front and at this stage I was 172 lbs! I was so uncomfortable!

Everyone was googling what to do to induce labor. I was eating pineapples like it was my full time job, bouncing on a bosu ball, walking lunges, swimming, and even tried some emergency “hanky-panky”.

With all of my efforts put to the test, there was still no movement and by the end of the day, I hated pineapple and I was just exhausted and seriously uncomfortable. 

September 14th, 2018

It was a gorgeous morning and we everyone was hanging out by the pool. I was swimming and just kept thinking that it could be any minute now that I could go into labor and that I probably should get some rest at some point.

12:00 pm

I went use the washroom and my mucous plug came out (it looks like exactly how it sounds lol). I came waddling out to the backyard and announced the news to the family and they instantly started to celebrate like I had already had the baby. I decided to go take a nap because I was worried about having enough energy for a possibly long labor. 

2:00 pm

I started to get menstrual like cramps (3/10 cramping pain) and began timing them to see if it was the real thing or just Braxton Hicks contractions. My cramping was every five minutes and consistently lasted for about 40 seconds. After about 20 minutes, Nick started timing it and he was like, “babe, lets make our way to the hospital now”!

I had time for one last hot pregnant-lady shower before everyone jumped in the car and we headed to the hospital (which felt like the longest 35 minute drive of my life!). I was so nervous and Nick thought to play peaceful songs but it actually had the opposite effect and started to make me feel emotional and scared.

So, I requested a little Nicki Minaj to pump me up for the rest of the trip and it seemed to calm me down and get my mind off of the pain and what I was about to endure. 

4:00 pm

We checked into the hospital (5/10 cramping pain) and a nurse examined me to see if I was dilated, and I wasn’t. The doctor came in and told me the news that they might send me home.

At this point, my water hadn’t even broken but I was in PAIN! I have a pretty high pain tolerance in my opinion, but this was quickly starting to feel like some next level shit!

When women tell you the pain is indescribable, they’re 100% right— in that moment, I finally understood what they all were trying to prepare me for. Once the doctor informed us about the possibility of being discharged, I looked right at Nick and said, “there’s no effing way I’m going home, this baby is coming out now!”

Nick supported me in staying and doing whatever made me more comfortable. 

4:30 pm

I decided to walk the halls to try and bring on labor, I started picturing giving birth and repeating a mantra of “Chase you’re going to come now and it’s going to be a smooth and happy journey for the both of us”. We did three laps around the hallways, repeating my mantra the whole way until I started clinching the railings on the wall on the second lap.

Nick insisted we head back to my bed because he could see I was in a lot more pain (7/10 cramping pain) so we made our way back to my bed and he grabbed the nurse again to check if I had dilated.

5:15 pm

I laid down in the bed and my water broke. It just kept coming, I honestly felt like I had peed my bed! The nurse came in and checked and to her disbelief, I was five cm dilated (the power of the mind, bitches).

At this point, the pain was insane. Every time a contraction (cramp) would come, I would close my eyes and be like “NOOO”! I just tried to focus on my breathing and try and stay calm so I didn’t stress Chase out. 

7:00 pm

I finally received the epidural. I honestly didn’t notice the epidural going in and once it kicked in, I legit couldn’t feel anything from the waist down. It was great in terms of pain relief, but I hated the feeling of everything being asleep down there.

9:00 pm

My OBGYN, Dr. Sodhi came in and told us that it looks like I’ve been moving along quickly but because of the epidural, it might slow things down. And boy did it ever! It felt like forever and I actually stopped dilating for a while.

September 15th, 2018

12:00 am

The nurse came in and put a massive peanut-shaped ball between my legs and rotated me from my left side to right side every hour or so to help open up the birth canal so baby Chase would have a smooth transition out.

They instructed me to get as much rest as possible but I was so uncomfortable with half of my body asleep and didn’t get any! Nick slept on a long pull out chair beside me and was there for me the whole time.

6:00 am

The nurse came in, checked me and said, “wow Chase has a lot of hair”! Nick checked as well and we couldn’t believe he was right there! Our nurse called Dr. Sodhi at home to let her know the good news!

8:30 am

When Dr. Sodhi arrived, the nurse reviewed how I was going to push. We had a practice run of three pushes where I would push during a contraction. I continued to push during each contraction.

The epidural was truly magically for me and I could barley tell when the contractions were coming, but they were watching on the graph and would give me a 10 second heads up before one came so I could prepare to push like I’ve never pushed before! It was very difficult as you can imagine because everything was asleep from the waist down so you really have to focus on where you're sending your energy.

When I wasn't in a contraction and pushing, I was laughing and joking around with Nick, Dr. Sodhi and the nurse. It was honestly a great experience for us and I don’t think it could have gone any smoother. Well, maybe a donut and coffee on the breaks in between contractions would’ve made it a bit better (lol).

9:35 am

Chase made his big reveal and he was even gorgeous than I could imagine! We all expected an 8 lb baby, but Chase was 10 lbs 1 oz.

Everyone was completely shocked and couldn’t believe I had him vaginally and neither could I. It just shows how working out throughout my pregnancy really benefited me in making me as strong as possible for birth.

Chase was completely healthy and passed all of his newborn tests and they cleared us to go home on the third day. We stayed longer because, as you can imagine, I had a BIG recovery ahead of me as I had a third-degree tear. Yes, it’s as awful as it sounds, but I’ll go into that another time (lol).

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