Choosing a Wedding Dress Designer


Creating the Wedding Dress of My Dreams

November 2018

Well, this was the hardest part for me. I was super excited to go dress shopping but I was two months postpartum. For me, I still had quite a bit of baby weight to lose.

I didn’t feel like myself when trying on dresses so decided to wait until I was able to workout and let my body recover at bit more. Everyone advised me to keep shopping, but I wanted to be excited while trying on dresses and, well, I just wasn’t thrilled about it.

March 2019

I didn’t dress shop again for four months. Like I said, I wanted to wait until I felt good in my own skin again because I wanted to be excited about this experience.

With only four months left until our wedding, buying a dress the regular way was off the table (it usually takes between six to eight months for alterations.) So my only two options were: a custom wedding dress or buying one right off the rack. I chose option one!

My fairy Godmother, Charley, (aka our wedding planner) suggested a designer she knew. I decided to meet Trish Peng and totally loved her! She's a couture evening & bridal gown designer from New Zealand but frequently bounces back to Los Angeles to see her clientele. Speaking with Trish and learning how she creates dresses from scratch really excited me. It meant I could really have a one-of-a-kind wedding dress.

Trish Peng Bridal Couture Wedding Dresses

Trish was incredible and didn’t want to waste any more time. She took my measurements and I tried on SOOO many wedding gowns at Panache Bridal Beverly Hills. We went through all the different styles from ballgown, mermaid, A-line, sheath and even a short styled dress just so I could really narrow down what it was that I was searching for all these months.

After hours of playing dress up, selecting the color, shape, fabrics and more, Trish sketched out my dress and it was such a magically moment.


For once I think I actually got that feeling that brides say they get, the feeling I was searching for all this time. Even though I didn’t have the dress in my hands, the fact that it was coming to life was beyond exciting for me and so surreal!

April 2019

My days seem to always be stacked with tasks and appointments but I guess that’s mom life on-the-go-go-go! Between Taking care of Chase and my acro yoga classes, my maid-of-honor (Priscilla) and I went for my first official dress fitting.

I was finally going to try on the structure of the dress, so none of the fabrics or anything were added just yet but this was a fitting to see if we were on the right track of bringing my dress to life (it’s kinda like building your very own Pinocchio really.)


I put on the dress with no expectations and to my surprise the skeleton of the dress looked pretty good! I was actually very impressed by Trish’s accuracy and how fast she turned this around for me. After we made a few little tweaks here and there (nothing major), we penciled in my next appointment for May.

May 2019

When I go to this appointment the dress will be 70 percent done and I can’t wait to see it! If you check back here in a few weeks, you might just get a sneak peak! Wish me luck!

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