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Chase Tested, Maria Approved

Sure, every baby needs “things”, but the difference choosing the right products for your baby (and for you) can literally make all the difference. Every family’s needs are different, so it’s always good to remember that some products might work for you while another family prefers a different brand.

That being said, here are the products that are absolute MUST-HAVES in the Bateman household:

ManhattAn Winkle toy

Chase is now at the stage where he loves to hold and examine things. The big and colorful loops are easy for him to grab hold of and when he shakes it, it rattles! Since Chase is also teething, we can even pop this bad boy in the fridge and give it to Chase to soothe his gums when they’re bothering him.

This is a must-have because it keep Chase happy and entertained for extended periods of time. He always has a smile on his face when he plays with it, which of course puts a huge smile on our faces too!


baby einstein Journey of Discovery Jumper™

Chase has never had more energy than when we put him in his Baby Einstein jumper! We love this product for all kinds of reasons. First, we have just the best time watching him play, jump and just generally love his life in there! Second, the jumper keeps him busy for a LONG time!

I’ll plop him in there for playtime and I know I’ve got a solid chunk of time to get things done before he tuckers himself out. Plus, all that jumping is super good exercise for him, encouraging the use of his legs which will help him to start crawling and eventually walking!





I la-la-love this brand! Their simple designs are super cute and come in a range of different styles, and the fit is always great. Lots of room for Chase to move comfortably without irritating his sensitive skin. My favorite piece is his “Tiny Human” jumper (I just think he looks adorable in it lol).

The clothing is made using environmentally-friendly fabrics and it’s really soft against Chase’s skin. It’s also a Canadian company so it has a special little place in my heart! As a bonus, they donate 10% of their proceeds from their sweatshirt purchases to charity.

Plumkids Label Pajamas


Plumkids Label Palm Tree Jumper

4moms high chair

We love this high chair because it’s ridiculously easy to use and clean. The tray attaches using pretty strong magnets which makes getting Chase in and out super quick and easy. The tray is a great size that can hold more than one dish. Side note: 4Moms also offers magnetic dishes to help prevent babies from spilling their food on the floor (bonus!).

The high chair is also height-adjustable so he can sit at the dinner table with us! In terms of looks, it’s pretty stylish as well with a minimalist design so it blends in with our home décor well.




Cybex Cloud Q Car Seat

This car seat is awesome because it’s SUPER safe and doesn’t take a degree in physics to be able to get Chase in and out! It’s adjustable and even has a separate inlay for smaller babies to fit more securely (which we clearly didn’t need because Chase was already over 10 lbs. at birth!).

It has a retractable sun canopy which is especially great for us living in sunny California. It also has a travel system that is compatible with a number of different stroller brands. The car seat can fully recline so that Chase can lay down comfortably to sleep, rather than stay sitting which I personally love.

Cybex Cloud Q Travel System

Make sure to check back to this post regularly, as I will be updating our must-haves as Chase grows!

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