A Step-by-Step Guide to My Everyday Look


Creating My Makeup Look

When it comes to creating my everyday makeup look, I tend to stick to the “less is more” motto. If you have great skin, don’t cover it up, flaunt it!

Find your favorite “face asset” and work with it. If it’s beautiful full brows, gorgeous eyes, or sexy lips highlight it and make that your focal point and everything else can just lightly accessorize your face asset.

Take me for example, my face asset would be my hazel eyes. I always like to wear a good mascara so I can really capture every lash to enhance my eyes and make them pop! I don’t really wear eyeliner unless it’s for an event and I know that I will be photographed. 

To see how I create my everyday makeup look, follow the step-by-step guide below!

Step one: EYEBROWS

I like to start with my brows! I fill them in with an angled eyebrow brush and use Anastasia dipbrow pomade, color medium brown. Once I’ve filled in my brows, I use an eyebrow brush to brush in the color looks more natural.


Then, I apply my mascara. I always brush the mascara applicator on the edge of the bottle so your mascara doesn’t apply on clumpy (nothing more unflattering than when your mascara clumps ladies amirite?) My favorite mascara at the moment is Too Faced “Better than Sex” mascara.


I have naturally dark circles under my eyes, especially after becoming a new mom- yay (lol)! What I have found works for maximum coverage for me is Nars light cannel soft matte complete concealer. I apply this just using my finger tip. I’m not big into the sponge/brush applicators, I just think you end up wasting a lot of product this way and you can still achieve the look without using the sponge.


I really don’t like wearing cover-up (and if you have gorgeous skin, flaunt it)! For me, I suffer from mild rosacea so I use a light coverage that has SPF in it as well. IT ‘Your Skin but Better’ CC+ SPF 50, color Medium Tan is the one I’ve been using for awhile now.

Step Five: Contouring

Contouring isn’t for everyone, but I absolutely love contouring my nose! I like to use a dark brown eye-shadow and an angled brush to contour this area. I use Urban Decay, color ‘Beware’ eyeshadow but going to your local makeup boutique and have someone help you pick a color that suits your skin type and tone. You also might prefer a contour stick or a pomade applicator (there are so many products on the market so choose which suits you best and experiment and have fun with it!).

Step Six: Bronzer

I LA-LA-LOVE bronzer! If I was stuck on an island for a year and I could only bring one piece of makeup, it’d be bronzer! Case and point, when I was stranded at FYRE festival, I used my bronzer to highlight my ocular bones, nose, and cheekbones to give me a more awake look when really I hadn’t showered in like two days and was exhausted (lol). 

To apply the bronzer, I take a big-ass fan brush and bronze my cheek bones while I make a kissy-fishy face (Nick is usually there making fun of me!). The bronzer I always seem to gravitate to is Too Faced chocolate soleil, color medium / deep matte bronzer.

Step Eight: CHEEKS

I love pink cheeks! I think they make me look alive and fresh. I like to dab lightly on the apples of my cheeks while I’m smiling big (Nick is still probably making fun of me at this point in my routine also). I currently love rms lip2cheek, color demure because I’ll throw this color on my lips too!

Step Nine: HighLighter

I don’t always use a highlighter but if you’re feeling a little extra, you can put it down the bridge of your nose to make it look smaller. This trick actually works, some people think I’ve had my nose done but really it’s a highlighter I got in Paris for 9 Euros!

You can also dab a little highlighter on your eyelids to pop your eye color. The highlighter I’m still using is from my “baby moon”, Avril L’highlighter certifie bio, color iluminador.

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