A Morning with Hourglass Cosmetics


Taking My Everyday Makeup Look to the Next Level!

I had the honor of being invited to Hourglass Cosmetics in Venice beach, to sit down with one of their wonderfully talented cosmetologists. She was completely full of beauty knowledge and I was like an eager sponge absorbing everything!

Almost 100% Vegan Ingredients

Not only is Hourglass Cosmetics cruelty-free, they’re almost 100% vegan. Currently some of their products contain animal-derived ingredients or by-products, like beeswax, lanolin, and carmine.

They announced a few years ago that they were working towards becoming an-all-vegan cosmetics brand. They will officially be completely vegan by 2020- so exciting!

Unreal High Shine Volumizing Lip Gloss, all vegan!

Unreal High Shine Volumizing Lip Gloss, all vegan!


Eyebrow Fiber gel is the game changer

I thought I already had a good eyebrow system for my sparse brows, but when the cosmetologist introduced me to their ‘Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel’, I was completely blown away! You only need this one product to achieve full bushy eyebrows.

It’s a buildable tinted gel infused with micro fibers that enhances your natural brows to give them a fuller and bolder look. I love it! You can make them as big and as fierce as you’d like. You can start your day with a more reserved look, and build them up throughout your day into the night out on the town!

Eyebrow Fiber Gel, Color: Dark Brunette

Eyebrow Fiber Gel, Color: Dark Brunette


Let your lip gloss color make a statement

I was really excited to try the new Hourglass lip gloss, ‘Unreal High Shine Volumizing Lip Gloss’. What’s amazing about this product is that it’s 100% vegan! They actually officially launched this line of lip glosses on May 7th. This product comes in a range of different colors, even bright ones like the coral pink one I’m wearing!

With summer just around the corner and my bachelorette trip less than two weeks away, I’m personally ready to let my lips shine loud and bright.

This lip gloss has an ingredient in it that volumizes your lips without the stinging or burning sensation that some of the other beauty brands do. Hourglass was able to achieve such bright and beautiful colors while staying vegan. If that isn’t innovating for makeup, then I don’t know what is!

Unreal High Shine Volumizing Lip Gloss, Lip Color: Horizon Coral Pink

Unreal High Shine Volumizing Lip Gloss, Lip Color: Horizon Coral Pink


Now for some bronzing love

If you know me, this is one beauty product I can’t get enough of. I absolutely loved their bronzer and took it home with me (lol). My favorite thing about it is it’s so light you can literally dust it all over your face without looking like a troll from the 90’s.

This bronzer is completely buildable and you can add as much or as little as you want to achieve your natural makeup look. ‘Ambient Lighting Bronzer’ for the win!

Ambient Lighting Bronzer, color: Nude Bronze Light

Ambient Lighting Bronzer, color: Nude Bronze Light


ALL VEIL FOR Mineral primer

I’ve never been one for primer because it’s an added step. As a mom always on-the-go, I need minimal steps in getting ready for my day. The cosmetologist insisted I try their ‘Veil Mineral Primer’ and well, I also brought that home too (opps- sorry Nick!)

This oil free primer creates a smooth and effortless look. It’s an extra step in your day but if you have an event to attend in the evening, it might be worth checking out. The primer conceals redness, minimizes the appearance of large pores, fine lines and also offers SPF 15 protection.


This “Vanish” stick is so convenient! You can take it everywhere with you because it can be discreetly tucked away in your bag. No matter how light or heavy of a day you intend on having, the Vanish stick will do just that! It offers light coverage but you can also layer the foundation on for fuller coverage.

Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick, Color: Shell

Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick, Color: Shell


Hourglass Cosmetics as a whole

If you haven’t figured out Hourglass Cosmetics theme yet, well, it’s buildable makeup! I absolutely love the whole beauty brand concept. You can start your day out with light coverage and as your day progresses into the evening, you can build up your makeup for that perfect evening look while still maintaining the appearance of you!

If you haven’t dabbled with Hourglass Cosmetics, I highly recommend them as their vision for having a 100% vegan future is incredible and the products are all truly amazing.

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